Citizens of Canada or Mexico who have received a denial of their TN visa application by U.S. immigration officials at the border, with USCIS, or at the U.S. Consulate, should consider Brian D. Zuccaro's extensive TN visa denial consultation services.



Why is it important to speak to an attorney after the denial of a TN visa application? The denial of a TN visa application can significantly affect one's immigration status and his/her ability to travel to the U.S. For example:

  • Where USCIS denies an individual's petition for an extension of TN visa status, the denial could result in a loss of U.S. immigration status and lead to potential immigration penalties or bars to the U.S.
  • Where USCBP denies an individual's TN visa application at the border, at minimum the individual will face greater scrutiny when subsequently seeking entry to the U.S. and could be denied entry.
  • Attempting to address a TN visa denial without an attorney may increase your chances of receiving a second denial, which may irreparably damage your chance of obtaining a TN for your prospective job offer.

Before you make the decision to re-file the TN visa application, pursue another temporary visa, or abandon your efforts and the job opportunity, speak to an attorney to learn about your options and associated risks.


In addition to the issues addressed in our basic consultation service, the following issues will be discussed during the consultation for a TN visa denial:

  • Review of complete TN visa application including I-129 / DS-160 application, Employer Support Letter, Reference Letter(s), and Education Evaluation(s).
  • Review of denial forms including: USCIS Form I-292; USCBP Forms I-275, I-877, and I-296; DOS Letters 214(b) and 221(g).
  • If re-filing, does the application have to be filed with the same office that denied the initial application?
  • Was the denial appropriate or did the officer misunderstand the facts of the case or make a mistake in applying the law?
  • Is re-filing the application an option, and if so, what are the risks?
  • What are the potential options under the TN visa or other non-immigrant visa classification?
  • What are the ramifications of the denial, and how does it affect subsequent travel to the U.S.?
  • Can the decision be overturned? How difficult will it be?
  • Does the application have to be filed with the same office that denied the prior application?
  • How can I avoid being denied again?
  • If I abandon my TN visa efforts, can I still travel to the U.S. as a visitor?
  • Is a waiver required to overcome any grounds of inadmissibility?


Our fee for a TN Visa Denial Consultation is $400 (to be paid in advance of the consult). In the event you decide to retain our firm to prepare your application or perform any additional legal services, the consult fee may be credited toward your legal bill. A legal fee quote for any additional services will be provided after the consultation. 

Please note that our consultation service only involves a review of your case as described above. The consultation does not include the following services, which require additional fees:

  • Drafting, revising, or assisting with the preparation of documents or forms for a visa application.
  • Contacting U.S. immigration officers to learn more about the case, or to attempt to resolve any immigration issues.
  • Additional fees apply for these services. Read about our additional TN Visa application services.