Citizens of Canada and Mexico interested in learning more about their U.S. immigration options under TN visa status should consider Brian D. Zuccaro's extensive consultation services. Mr. Zuccaro is also available to advise employers on whether a job candidate is eligible for TN visa status and on the process of hiring a TN visa worker.


What Does the Consult Involve?

The TN visa consultation service consists of two aspects. First, prior to the consultation, Mr. Zuccaro reviews and assesses an individual's TN visa case in detail. Second, he then has an extensive conversation with the individual to present his analysis and recommendation. 

The typical format of a consultation consists of:

  • Fact gathering / discussion of background, credentials, immigration history, etc.

  • An overview of U.S. immigration followed by an outline of the TN visa classification.

  • An analysis of the individual's eligibility for TN visa status, potential issues, filing procedures, etc.

  • Questions & Answers.

  • Fee quote for any proposed TN visa services.

Consultations can take place over the phone or in person at our offices. When possible, Mr. Zuccaro does not place a time limit on the length of the consultation. Most consultations last approximately 1-hour. 


Some of the issues discussed during the consultation will include:

  • Review of immigration history, credentials, job offer, and short-term / long-term objectives.

  • Verification that the individual is not inadmissible to the U.S. and as result ineligible for TN visa status.

  • Explanation of basic U.S. immigration system: family vs. employment; non-immigrant vs. immigrant. Introduction to NAFTA and the TN visa.

  • Analysis and discussion on whether the job offer falls under one of the TN visa occupational categories.

  • Analysis and discussion on whether credentials meet the requirements for the TN visa occupational category.

  • Review of potential issues, and recommendation to pursue TN visa, or alternative non-immigrant visa.

  • Explanation of process and best practices for filing a TN visa application.

  • Discussion of employer / recruiter obligations under U.S. immigration laws and NAFTA.


Mr. Zuccaro's fee for a basic consultation for a TN visa application is $250 (to be paid in advance of the consult). In the event you decide to retain the firm to prepare your application or perform any additional legal services, the consult fee may be credited toward your legal bill.

Please note that the consultation service only involves a review of your case as described above. The consultation does not include the following services, which require additional fees:

  • Review and/or analysis of prior denials, immigration violations, other inadmissibility issues.

  • Drafting, writing, revising, or assisting with the preparation of documents or forms for an immigration application.

  • Contacting U.S. immigration authorities to discuss and or resolve issues or accompaniment to the border to present any application.

  • Additional fees apply for these services. See TN Visa Services for info on these services.