TN Visa I-129 Petition Approval - July 2018

Hi Mr. Zuccaro,
That’s great, thank you for all your help - again! I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten this TN approved without your help.
— TN Visa Applicant

TN Visa Status Approval - May 2018

Dear Brian...,
Thanks a million for all that you guys did! It went amazingly smoothly. They said it was one of the best TN applications that they had seen.
— TN Visa Applicant

TN Visa Status Approved - March 2018

Oh yeah, they really liked the package FYI, they actually thanked me for bringing such an organized package...They didnt even interview me or ask any real questions other than about my first denial...Went great, thanks again for all the help and putting together a great package.
— TN Visa Applicant

TN Visa Stamp Issued - Oct. 2017

Thank you so much for your efficient efforts on behalf of _____. This was truly a very smooth experience! 
— TN Visa Employer

TN Visa Issued - Aug. 2017

Hi Brian...
Let me thank you for preparation and guidance about my TN visa process... I’m glad that I choses the reputable law firm for my case which ended successfully. Thanks and highly appreciated !!! 
— TN Visa Applicant

TN Visa Approval - Feb. 2017

Hi Brian, Thanks to you, I successfully entered the US last week for the...conference! I travelled with the whole binder, but it was not required...I sincerely appreciate all your help and will pass your name on to my Canadian friends and colleagues. 
— TN Visa Applicant

Statements regarding prior application approvals our office has obtained are provided for informational purposes only. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.