TN Visa Approval – Technical Writer - Software Documentation


  • The applicant, a citizen of Canada, was offered a job as a Technical Writer, which would involve preparing technical documentation for the company’s software development process and solutions.



  • While Technical Writer positions have become more prevalent in the IT industry, an adjudicator may take an antiquated view of the occupation and may be more familiar with Technical Writer roles for more tangible products like electric motors.

  • Therefore, it was important that the applicant’s support letter fully explain the job’s role in conveying information and instruction to the users of the company’s software.

  • Additionally, as further proof of eligibility, in my cover letter to USCBP I explained and evidenced how the position qualified for TN visa status under the Technical Writer category.

  • As part of the application packet, I included documentation evidencing that Technical Writers prepare documentation for external audiences such as end-users.


  • The applicant possessed a degree in Communication Studies, and had experience in the field.

  • To overcome an adjudicator’s potential preference for a degree exactly in the field, which is not required for this TN category, as part of the application packet, I included the applicant’s transcripts showing completion of relevant coursework, letters evidencing her prior work in the field, and evidence that a degree in Communications was acceptable for a Technical Writer position.


  • TN visa status application filed at the Buffalo, NY Peace Bridge port-of-entry.


  • Approved same day as filed.


  • 3 years

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