TN Visa Approval – Clinical Project Manager


  • The applicant, a citizen of Canada, was offered a job as a Clinical Project Manager, which would involve the research, planning, overseeing, and closing of clinical drug trials for the company’s clients.

  • Although the job title did not match any of the TN visa occupational categories, and despite the problem of managerial titles for TNs in general, I believed the position could be classified under the Biologist TN category because of the job duties involved.

  • Additionally, while the applicant did not possess a degree in Biology, I believed that she still could qualify based on her possession of a related degree.

  • As in any case where the applicant’s job title and/or degree does not match the applicable TN visa category exactly, it was imperative to explain and evidence how the applicant still qualified for the TN.


  • Biologist


  • As the Clinical Project Manager job title was not indicative of a Biologist position, in my cover letter to USCBP I explained and evidenced how the position qualified for TN visa status under the Biologist category.

  • First, I showed that the duties were consistent with those of a Microbiologist as defined in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. (The OOH does not have a specific entry for Biologists.)

  • I then explained how Department of Labor and other career publications confirmed that Biologists/Microbiologists may perform managerial-related functions. and may have job titles similar to the position offered.

  • I also documented that Biologists/Microbiologists went by different job titles including those similar to the position offered.


  • The applicant possessed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology.

  • To establish the applicant’s eligibility for a TN visa under the Biologist category, I highlighted the applicant’s completion of coursework in Biology, and then evidenced that Physiology was related to Biology as both were part of the Biological Sciences discipline.


  • TN visa status application filed at the Buffalo, NY Peace Bridge port-of-entry.


  • Approved same day as filed.


  • 3 years

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