TN Visa Approval – Agriculturist (Food Scientist / Auditor Job)


  • The applicant, a citizen of Canada, had been offered a job as an Auditor, which would involve conducting food safety audits at food manufacturing and distribution facilities.

  • Although the job title did not match any of the TN visa occupational categories, because of the job duties involved I believed the position could be classified under the Agriculturalist TN category.

  • Additionally, while the applicant did not possess a degree exactly in Agricultural Science, I believed that he still could qualify under the Agriculturalist TN visa category.


  • Agriculturist


  • As the Auditor job title was not indicative of an Agriculturist, in my cover letter to USCIS it was imperative to explain and evidence how the position qualified for TN visa status under the Agriculturist category.

  • To establish eligibility, I explained and provided supporting evidence from the Occupational Outlook Handbook and elsewhere that: (1) the position offered, which had the generic job title of Auditor, was a Food Scientist role; and (2) that a Food Scientist role fell within the Agriculturist TN visa category.

  • I also documented that Food Scientists went by different job titles including Auditor and similar variations.


  • The applicant possessed a Master’s degree in Food Science.

  • Because the petition contended that the position offered was a Food Scientist role, which fell within the TN visa category for Agriculturists, the relevancy of the applicant’s degree was established.


  • TN visa status I-129 petition filed with the Vermont Service Center


  • Approved using premium processing in less than 2 weeks. No Request for Evidence (RFE) issued.


  • 3 years

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