TN Visa Approval for Project Manager

TN VisaCase Info.
Background:The applicant, a citizen of Canada, was seeking to renew his TN for a position as a Project Manager. We reviewed the position offered and the applicant’s credentials, and although not exact matches on either account, we verified that the individual could still qualify under the Computer Systems Analyst TN visa category.
TN Category:Computer Systems Analyst
Job title / duties:The duties of this Project Manager position involved the analysis, design, optimization, and implementation of interactive hospital patient systems. It did not have any direct reports.

Any time there is not an exact match between an applicant's job title and the TN category, there can be added scrutiny. This is even more so when the position has an executive or managerial title. The key to this case was explaining that the position still involved primarily Computer Systems Analyst tasks as opposed to managerial or administrative ones. We supplemented the application with evidence that Computer Systems Analysts commonly performed project management tasks.

Education:The applicant possessed a General Science bachelor's degree, a diploma in IT, and about 13 years of experience in the field. To establish eligibility, we highlighted the applicant's computer coursework during his bachelor's degree program, and also presented a letter from his school affirming that his diploma was comparable to a 2-year program. We included proof of his experience. We supplemented the application with research establishing that a degree in Computer Science was not required for a Computer Systems Analyst position, and that individuals with degrees in Science who have training and experience in the field could also qualify.

Filing Process:TN visa status application @ USCBP - Buffalo, NY POE
Processing time: Approved same day filed
Approval period: 3 years