Updating DS-160 TN Visa Application after Filing

Question: I am a citizen of Mexico and have recently filed a DS-160 application to renew my TN visa. However, since filing the DS-160 application, I renewed my passport as I noticed the consulate’s website requires passports be valid until at least six months after the appointment. Do I now have to file a new DS-160 application with my new passport information?

Reply: No. According to a recent AILA liaison meeting with U.S. Department of State officials in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, individuals in this scenario can have their application updated with the new passport information on the day of their interview at the consulate. AILA AOS Liaison Meeting: Ciudad Juarez (CDJ), Mexico, Aug. 21, 2012, AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 12082447 (Posted 09/18/12). The consulate may also be able to re-open the DS-160 application during the interview to make other changes such as a change in visa classification, or a change from principal applicant to a dependent. Id.