TN Visa Application Tip: Include Signatory's Business Card

Individuals applying for TN visa status at a U.S. port-of-entry (Canadians) or at the U.S. consulate (Mexicans) should consider including the business card of the individual who has signed the TN support letter as part of the application paperwork.

U.S. immigration officers (specifically at the U.S. border) may call the prospective TN employer to confirm the job offer and the nature of the position. Having the contact information of the company representative that signed the letter readily available can help avoid issues in processing the application. If the immigration officer cannot reach the company representative to address concerns the officer may have about the application, this could lead to a denial of the TN application.

TN petitioners should always ensure that the individual who signed the TN visa support letter will be available to field a phone call from U.S. immigration officials during the TN visa application process. This individual should have the TN visa application paperwork on hand, and be prepared to confirm the applicant's employment and describe his/her position offered in detail.