TN Visa Approved for Technical Engineering Manager Position

TN VisaCase Info.
Filing Process:New TN visa application @ USCBP - Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NY
Processing time:Approved same day of filing
Approval period:3-years
TN Category:Engineer
Job title / duties:Technical Engineering Manager: responsible for designing, engineering, and project managing the manufacturing of plastic containers.
Education:Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and Chartered Engineer credential from the Institution of Engineers in India
Time under TN status:N/A
Green card filed:N/A
Case history:N/A
Strategy:(1) To overcome CBP's frequent resistance to issue TN visa status to management-level positions, our office prepared a detailed application explaining the engineering duties involved in the position, and evidencing that engineers worked at a variety of levels including in supervisory/management positions; (2) We also prepared materials to assure CBP that the applicant's degree was appropriate for the position. (As required by regulations, an evaluation was also submitted to show the applicant's foreign credentials were the equivalent to a U.S. degree).