TN Visa Status for Canadian Lawyer from Chile.

Question: I am a Chilean lawyer, licensed in Chile, who obtained Canadian citizenship. I am not licensed in Canada. May I seek a TN visa to work in a law firm in the US?

Reply: In order to be eligible for a TN under the Lawyer category, you must possess either:

(1) an L.L.B., J.D., L.L.L., B.C.L., or Licenciatura degree (five years); or

(2) membership in a state/provincial bar.

If you’re not licensed in Canada, Mexico or the U.S., then you’ll have to qualify on the basis of your education. You may still obtain a TN without possessing the required license. You will need to possess one of the degrees listed above (or the equivalent).  While licensing is not necessarily a prerequisite for issuance of the TN, it must be obtained prior to commencing employment in the U.S. where required by law.