TN Visa Approval for Scientific Technician - Agricultural Sciences.

Job Offer:

U.S. vineyard and winery in the process of expanding. As part of this expansion process, company required additional technical viticulture assistance. Specifically, an individual educated in cool climate viticulture and the grape and wine chemistry associated with cooler areas. Company sought to engage TN Visa applicant as a Viticulture Technician/Winemaker to work in support of its viticulture and agricultural professionals at its vineyard and winery.

TN Visa applicant would work in support of a degreed professional to troubleshoot, identify and resolve potential disease threats and integrate a pest management strategy for the vineyard; develop ecologically safe and effective pest and disease control strategies; analyze and confer on soil composition and climate variances within the vineyard; and evaluate vineyard maintenance activities including vine pruning, crop thinning, and basal leaf removal.

TN Visa Applicant’s Qualifications:

TN Visa Applicant possessed a Winery and Viticulture Technician diploma and several years of industry experience. Related coursework included Biology of the Vine, Wine Chemistry, Soils/Fertilizing, Vineyard Pruning, Wine Chemistry and Microbiology, Winemaking, Biology Viticulture, Pest Management Integration and Organic Biology/Chemistry.

Outcome at Port-of-Entry:

CBP approved the application.