Immigrant Visa Number Availability Alert.

Canadian born TN visa professionals with approved I-140 immigrant petitions for the EB-3 Preference category and with priority dates earlier than June 1, 2005 may now start the last stage of the green card process. This cut-off date is a significant jump in the immigrant visa processing for the EB-3 All Chargeability Areas category. Last month the cut-off date for this category was August 1, 2003. See Visa Bulletin for June 2007.

Eligible TN visa professionals may now commence the immigrant visa process with the U.S. consulate. Alternatively, TN visa professionals who have chosen to file adjustment of status (“AOS”) applications will now need to consider the various issues surrounding AOS applications and TN visa status, such as travel restrictions, employment authorization, and preconceived intent. Read more about TN Visas & Green Cards, including potential complications when filing for AOS while under TN visa status.