The principal document that must be provided as part of a TN visa application is a Support Letter from the applicant's U.S. (or foreign) employer.

Main Points of TN Support Letter

The Support Letter required for a TN visa application must clearly and coherently establish the following key five points:

  • The Support Letter must clearly identify the applicant's TN visa occupational category.
  • The Support Letter must provide a description of the professional activities involved, including a brief summary of daily job duties. The TN applicant’s prospective job duties must be consistent with the job duties generally performed by those in the particular occupation. More on job duties.
  • The Support Letter must demonstrate that the applicant possesses the appropriate educational or alternative credentials for the applicable TN category.
  • The Support Letter must provide the anticipated length of stay (the application may request employment authorization for up to a 3-year period).
  • The Support Letter must describe the applicant's terms of compensation.

Support Letters should be printed on company letterhead, addressed to the applicable U.S. immigration office, and have an original signature. 

Additional Information