The TN visa classification is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when applicants presented a simple letter and were approved without issue. Today, TN visa applicants are facing increased scrutiny in an often hostile environment where the rules are not entirely clear.

WHY SPEAK TO an attorney?

With immigration officers acting as judge, jury, and executioner, it is imperative that individuals understand what the law is, whether they qualify for TN visa status, and how to establish their eligibility for a TN. In deciding whether to speak to an attorney about your TN visa case, consider some of the potential negative results of a TN visa application denial:

  • The applicant's start date is delayed, or worse: he/she loses a job opportunity and the employer loses a valued employee.
  • The applicant incurs a "flag" on his/her records subjecting him/her to heightened and extended scrutiny during subsequent attempted entries to the U.S. or in future immigration applications.
  • The applicant is accused of breaking immigration laws and is found inadmissible to the U.S. (some grounds of inadmissibility result in multiple-year bars to the U.S.).
  • The applicant is accused of making a fraudulent statement or representation in the visa application and is charged with a lifetime bar to the U.S.

These are just some of the potential negative consequences that can result when an individual makes an uninformed application for TN visa status.


Individuals in the following situations should consider speaking with an attorney:

  • Citizens of Canada or Mexico interested in working in the U.S.: Before you start your job search or secure a job offer, ascertain whether a TN visa is a viable immigration solution for you.
  • Those who already have an offer and are ready to apply for a TN: Discover potential issues before you apply to avoid unpleasant surprises before an immigration officer.
  • Individuals who have been denied TN visa status: Determine if the decision was appropriate and discuss what options are available.
  • Persons who already hold TN visa status, and are considering filing for a U.S. green card: Learn about the risks of filing for a green card while under TN visa status and how to avoid them.

WHY CONTACT Brian D. Zuccaro?

Mr. Zuccaro has extensive experience handling TN visa applications at the U.S. port-of-entry, before a U.S. consulate, or with USCIS. He knows what the law is, what the potential issues are, and how to successfully present an application for TN visa status.

When someone has received a denial of his/her TN visa application, we are able to ascertain whether the denial was appropriate or not. If the denial was improper, we can provide a detailed case strategy and application package to overcome the denial decision. We also understand the unique issues TN visa workers face when applying for a green card either based on family or employment sponsorship. We provide our clients with a road map to avoid common pitfalls and to enable them to achieve permanent residence status in an efficient and straightforward manner.

A TN visa or green card application is not a situation where you should become wise at your own expense. Minimize your risk of a denial. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your application before you file.