TN Visa Approval – Sales Engineer Job


  • The applicant, a citizen of Canada, was offered a job as a Sales Engineer, which would involve the design, development, and technical sales of the company’s motion control systems.

  • I reviewed the position offered, and although sales-related positions are frequently questioned as being eligible for TN visa status, based on the position’s job duties and requirements, I believed the position could be classified under the Engineer TN visa category.

  • The applicant possessed a degree in Engineering related to the position.


  • Engineer


  • U.S. immigration frequently argues that sales-related positions do not qualify for TN visa status.

  • However, an argument for TN visa eligibility can be made for sales positions where it is established that the job requires a degree in the TN occupational field, and the applicant is performing duties requiring that degree.

  • In this case, it was imperative to show that the position required a degree in Engineering, and that the applicant was still performing engineering-related duties.

  • I prepared a detailed TN visa support letter that explained the engineering functions of the position, and how an engineering degree was required for the job.


  • The applicant possessed an Engineering degree majoring in Automotive Engineering.

  • In preparing the TN visa support letter, I explained how the applicant’s degree was relevant to the position offered.


  • TN visa status application filed at the USCBP port-of-entry in Buffalo, NY.


  • Approved same day as filed.


  • 3 years

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