TN Visa Approved for Bioinformatics Associate Position

TN VisaCase Info.
Background:Citizen of Canada.
TN Category:Software Engineer
Job title / duties: Job title = Bioinformatics Associate. Responsible for the analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance of the software systems that supported the company’s genomic research endeavors. The main issue here was establishing that the position fell under an eligible TN occupational category. Based on the position’s job duties, I felt that the the Software Engineer TN category was appropriate. As the position’s title was not entirely indicative of this TN category, I included research to establish that software engineers developed software and systems for use in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology field.
Education:Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Science with Electrical and Computer Engineering option.
Filing Process:TN visa status application @ USCBP - Peace Bridge, POE
Processing time:Approved same day filed
Approval period:3 years