TN Visa Approval - Attorney Providing Legal Training

TN VisaCase Info.
Background:Citizen of Canada.
TN Category:Lawyer
Job title / duties:Senior Attorney Advisor. The applicant was to work for an organization that developed drug court programs. The applicant was to be responsible for providing legal training to drug court practitioners across the U.S. The challenge in this case was to establish that this non-traditional position fell under the Lawyer TN category. Our paperwork first noted that a TN worker could provide training services, and also included research showing that attorneys provide legal training to other attorneys on a wide variety of legal issues.
Education:Bachelor of Law / Juris Doctor degree, and license from the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Filing Process:TN visa status application @ USCBP - Peace Bridge, POE
Processing time:Approved same day filed
Approval period:3 years