TN Visa Approval SciTech with Training Duties

TN VisaCase Info.
Background:Citizen of Canada.
TN Category:Scientific Technician - Engineering
Job title / duties:Help develop, implement, and improve the company’s plastic container manufacturing equipment and processes. Also responsible for creating detailed technical manuals, and developing training packages for the new equipment.
One challenge here was establishing to USCBP that these training duties were permissible under the TN visa classification. We cited the TN regulations, 8 CFR 214.6 fn 1, which permits training functions under the TN, and provided research confirming that Engineering Technicians may perform such training functions.
Background:15 years of experience in the field, and 1 year training program in Process Engineering.
Filing Process:TN visa status application @ USCBP - Peace Bridge, POE
Processing time:Approved same day filed
Approval period:3 years