TN Visa to Green Card Approved in About 2 Months

Green CardCase Info.
Case History / Issues:Applicant was a Canadian citizen, and held TN visa status. Applicant married a U.S. citizen.
Strategy:Reviewed case to ensure no preconceived intent issues, or potential employment gap or travel issues. Determined applicant was a good candidate for Adjustment of Status.
Filing Process:I-130 / I-485 application @ USCIS - Chicago Lockbox
Filed:Aug. 14, 2014
Biometrics Scheduled:Sept. 8, 2014
Employment Authorization / Travel Card Issued:Oct. 14, 2014
Interview Date:On Oct. 22, 2014 at USCIS' Boston, MA local office. USCIS email notice indicated the application was approved later that day.
Green Card Received:Nov. 2014
Processing Time:2 months, 8 days
TN Visa Category:Software Engineer