CBP Announces “Optimized” TN Visa Processing Port-of-Entries

CBP has announced that beginning in mid-September, the agency will provide “optimized processing” for first-time Canadian TN and L visa status applicants. CBP is not requiring first-time applicants to apply at these locations, but is instead “encouraging” such applicants to file at these offices.

CBP will provide this optimized processing at the following locations:

  • Pearson International Airport
  • Trudeau International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Highgate Springs Port of Entry
  • Derby Line Port of Entry
  • Alexandria Bay Port of Entry
  • Peace Bridge Port of Entry
  • Rainbow Bridge Port of Entry
  • Champlain Port of Entry
  • Detroit Canada Tunnel Port of Entry
  • Detroit Ambassador Bridge Port of Entry
  • Blaine Peace Arch Port of Entry
  • Sweetgrass Port of Entry

CBP has not stated what “optimized processing” actually entails, e.g. whether it will assign more senior officers at these locations for TN and L-1 visa application adjudications. We will continue to monitor this development, and provide more details as they become available.