TN Visa to Green Card Approval - Marriage to USC

Green CardCase Info.
Case History / Issues:Applicant was a Canadian citizen, and held TN visa status. Applicant subsequently married a U.S. citizen.
Strategy:Reviewed case to ensure no preconceived intent issues, or potential employment gap issues. Determined applicant was a good candidate for Adjustment of Status. Also ensured case was filed promptly to ensure receipt of travel authorization prior to applicant's honeymoon. Due to travel, had to reschedule AOS interview. USCIS' NYC field office required written request for rescheduling and proof of why applicant could not attend initial appointment.
Filing Process:I-130 / I-485 application @ USCIS - Chicago Lockbox / NYC Field Office
Filed:Aug. 27, 2012
Biometrics Scheduled:Sept. 3, 2012
Employment Authorization / Travel Card Issued:Oct. 31, 2012
Interview Date:March 7, 2013. Rescheduled to June 3, 2013. Decision was not made during interview, but case status online showed the application was approved later that day.
Green Card Received:June 10, 2013
Processing Time:9 months (added delay due to re-scheduling of interview.
TN Visa Category:Management Consultant