Filing for TN Visa at the Philadelphia International Airport

Question: Can I apply for a TN Visa on arrival from India at the Philadelphia International Airport? I am a Canadian citizen who has been offered a teaching position at a university in Philadelphia.

Reply: U.S. immigration officers at the Philadelphia airport may adjudicate your TN visa application, but it may not be the best place to file for your TN.

The U.S. immigration officers at international U.S. airports do not have much experience adjudicating TN visa applications, and may not be familiar with the process or requirements. I frequently hear from individuals who have had issues with U.S. immigration at international U.S. airports when applying for an initial TN, or when simply re-entering the U.S. under an already approved TN.

If possible, I would recommend filing at a land port-of-entry or at a Canadian airport with U.S. pre-clearance offices.