Global Entry Program in Canada Helpful for TN Visa Workers

USCBP now has Global Entry kiosks at all eight of its preclearance (airport) offices in Canada. The Global Entry program allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers the ability to bypass the traditional CBP inspection process and use automated kiosks to expedite their entry into the U.S.

Under the traditional CBP inspection process, individuals seeking entry to the U.S. must demonstrate their eligibility for entry to the U.S. Even following the receipt of TN visa status, CBP officers will frequently review an individual's eligibility for TN visa status during the inspection process. It is not uncommon for CBP officers to revoke an individual's previously issued TN visa status because he/she believes the TN was issued in error.

"Trusted traveler" programs like Global Entry or NEXUS can be very beneficial to individuals who have already obtained TN visa status because they may then avoid the more thorough review that takes place under the traditional CBP inspection process. As result, there is less of a risk of having their TN visa status revoked.