TN Visa Petition Approved for Graphic Designer - Digital Media Marketing

Our client in this case, a citizen of Canada, held a post-secondary diploma in Multimedia Design and Production, as well as a post-secondary diploma in Internet Management. He also had approximately twelve (12) years of experience designing digital media marketing communications.

Our office had originally assisted this individual in obtaining TN visa status as a Graphic Designer in 2009. His 3-year TN status was about to expire, and he contacted our firm to prepare his TN extension by mail. Our office prepared the I-129 petition paperwork requesting the TN visa status extension, and packaged the petition with all the required supporting documents (e.g. evidence of TN eligibility, copy of I-94, paystubs).

We filed the I-129 petition with USCIS’ Vermont Service Center on March 30, 2012. The petition was approved about 2-months later on May 24, 2012.