TN Visa Highlights from AILA Liaison Meeting with Detroit District CBP Office

The following are some of the TN visa related issues discussed during the September 27, 2012 AILA liaison meeting with CBP’s Detroit District Office. AILA Detroit/CBP Liaison Meeting, AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 12112141 (Posted 11/21/12).

  • CBP Detroit on originals / supporting documents: TN visa workers need not present original credentials or supporting documentation during subsequent entries to the U.S. under TN status. TN Visa Bulletin comment: For complex cases, or for individuals with prior denials or other issues, I recommend that some TN visa workers continue to travel with their supporting documentation as CBP officers will frequently send such individuals to secondary inspection for further questioning to confirm the merits of the application.

  • CBP Detroit on attorney representation: Attorneys may be present to observe and advise a client at the port-of-entry during the TN visa adjudication process. However, attorneys are not permitted to participate in the interview unless the inspecting officer requests to speak to the attorney.

  • CBP Detroit on evening / weekend filings: CBP advises that TN visa applicants contact the port-of-entry to speak to a supervisor to determine if there will be an officer available who is able to adjudicate TN visa applications during the evening or weekend.