TN Visa Approved Forester - Supervisor Job Title - 14 Days @ USCIS

TN VisaCase Info.
Filing Process:I-129 extension petition @ USCIS - Vermont Service Center
Filed:Oct. 2012
Approved:Nov. 2012
Processing time:14-days
Approval period:3-years
TN Category:Forester
Job title / duties:Supervisor
Education:Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry
Time under TN status:10-years
Green card filed:N/A
Strategy:The main issue here was establishing that the position offered, which was titled Supervisor, fell under the TN visa category for Foresters. USCIS often contests managerial positions' eligibility for TN visa status.
To secure approval here, we included U.S. immigration decisions, U.S. Dept. of Labor publications, and other resources that confirmed that the job duties involved were consistent with the Forester profession, and that other Forester positions had similar job titles.