TN Visa → Green Card Approved - Marriage U.S. Citizen ca. 4-months

Green CardCase Info.
Filing Process:I-130 petition / I-485 application @ USCIS - Chicago Lockbox
Filed:May 2012
Biometrics Scheduled:June 2012
Employment Authorization / Travel Card Issued:July 2012
Interview Date:Aug. 2012; rescheduled for Sept. 2012 @ USCIS - Buffalo, NY office. Approved at interview.
Green Card Received:Oct. 2012
Processing Time:4-months, 15-days
TN Visa Category:Psychologist
TN Visa Validity Period:Valid until Oct. 2014
Case History / Issues:Applicant had last entered U.S. under TN visa status in Oct. 2011. I believed filing an adjustment of status application was appropriate because: (i) the passage of time between the last TN visa entry and the adjustment filing; and (ii) the applicant did not intend to file for adjustment of status when seeking admission to the U.S. under TN visa status at that time. (Other issues were assessed as well, but are not addressed here).