TN Visa Approved for Senior Project Manager

The applicant in this case had a job offer for a Senior Project Manager position where he would be responsible for managing the company’s equipment and utility systems development projects.

We believed that the position offered was classifiable under the TN category for Engineers (the applicant had a Masters and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering). As many CBP officers believe that management positions are not eligible for TN visa status, our strategy for this case was to include in the application materials confirming that the position offered fell under the Engineering occupational classification.

As part of the application, we referenced and included the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for Engineers and its National Compensation Survey Occupational Description of Engineers, both of which confirmed that Engineers engaged in supervisory and project management job duties. We also included job postings classifying Project Management positions as Engineers.

Following a review of these application materials and an interview at a land port-of-entry, the applicant was issued a TN under the Engineering category.