TN Visa for Computer Systems Analyst Based on Diploma & Experience

Question: I was thinking of applying for work in the U.S.  I work in the computer systems & network support/administration field.  I have taken some college courses. I'm going to do some correspondence to get a diploma. The Diploma may be in Computer Systems Technology or Computer Network Administration. I have 6+ years experience as well as industry certifications through Microsoft.  Is it possible to apply for a TN Visa under Computer Systems Analyst or must I look into the H1B Visa for my type of work?

Reply: When assessing an individual's eligibility for TN visa status, the first two issues I look at are (1) does the individual have suitable professional credentials? and (2) does the individual have a job offer in one of the TN visa occupational categories?

In an application for TN visa status as a Computer Systems Analyst, I suspect that USCBP would more readily accept a diploma in Computer Systems Technology than one in Computer Network Administration. It is also important that any diploma meet the requirements under the TN visa regulations for diplomas (i.e. issued from an accredited school in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico following at least 2-years of education). Individuals relying on a diploma for eligibility as a Computer Systems Analyst will also need to document at least 3-years of professional experience to qualify for a TN.

As long as one's job offer is consistent with the description of a Computer Systems Analyst provided in the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, he/she may make an argument for eligibility under the TN visa classification. If the position is more appropriately classified under a different occupation described in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, then the argument for TN visa status may be questionable.