3 Year TN Visa Approval – Management Consultant

The Management Consultant position involved providing guidance to the company (a seller of personal skin care products) regarding methods and procedures to increase the number of its distributors and to expand its business into new country markets. The company sought the applicant’s consulting services for a 3 year period.

In order to alleviate CBP’s concerns over this multiple-year consulting engagement, the company’s Support Letter fully explained the company’s business necessity for a consultant and described the applicant’s consulting focus for each year of the engagement as well as described the consultant’s general duties. The applicant was also engaged as an independent contractor and a consulting agreement evidencing this relationship was provided in the application materials.

The applicant did not possess a bachelor’s degree, but had over 15 years of related professional experience in the sales and marketing of personal skin care products. To establish the applicant’s eligibility for the Management Consultant TN category, a reference letter from the applicant’s prior employer evidencing her over 5 years of related experience was provided.

The client's application was submitted at a U.S. port-of-entry and approved for a three-year period.