TN Visa for Physiotherapist Training Position?

Question: I am a Canadian citizen and a physiotherapist who wishes to work in the U.S. The State where I wish to work requires me to undertake a 6 month traineeship before I can receive a full license. Can I do the traineeship while under the TN visa classification or do I need another type of visa? If so, which visa would be appropriate?

Reply: If the position offered requires one of the credentials listed in the NAFTA Appendix for a Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist (i.e. a bachelor’s degree or a state license), then you can make an argument that the position qualifies for TN visa status.  

If you possess a relevant bachelor’s degree (or higher), then you should qualify for this category on the basis of your bachelor’s degree alone. You would not need a license in order to obtain the TN. See TN License Requirements and TN Licensing Articles.

Another option could be the J-1 visa category for trainees, but considering the burdensome application process for the J-1 trainee visa, the TN visa classification may be a better choice for the position.