TN Approved: Technical Writer – Degree in Government

Client had job offer for Technical Publications Writer position where she would be responsible for the writing, development, and editing of technical and user-based documentation such as operational manuals, instruction sheets, and online user guides for the company’s operational procedures and website. Client possessed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, but completed several technical writing related coursework in Writing, Literature, Languages, and Science.

To qualify for a Technical Publications Writer TN, an individual must possess either a bachelor’s degree or a post-secondary diploma and three years experience. Despite the opinion of some immigration officers, a specific degree is not required for a TN (except for the Hotel Manager category). Cronin Memo. The rule is that “[t]he degree should be in the field or in a closely related field.”

In support of the client’s application, we prepared an Attorney Brief outlining the regulations and policy regarding the degree requirements under the TN visa category. We argued that the client qualified for the Technical Writer TN category based on her bachelor’s degree in Government, which was sufficiently related for the position offered. We supported this argument with reference to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which states that “employers [of writers] look for a broad liberal arts background,” and industry materials, which stated that an individual with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (i.e. Government) can qualify for a Technical Publications Writer position.

Client submitted her application at a land border port-of-entry. CBP approved the application for the full three-year period requested.