Defective I-94 Cards Issued in Early 2008

CBP has notified AILA that approximately one million I-94 Arrival-Departure cards were misprinted and missing a digit. An I-94 card should have 11 numbers consisting of 9 digits, a space, and then 2 more digits. The misprinted I-94 cards only have 10 numbers.

Individuals with a misprinted I-94 have had problems with the Social Security Administration’s issuance of a Social Security number. CBP does not know how many defective cards have been issued, but stated that the Calgary Airport in Canada is one port known to have issued some of the defective cards.

A person with a misprinted I-94 card may request that CBP issue a new card through Deferred Inspection or at a Port of Entry.

From AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08051567 (posted May. 15, 2008).