TN Renewal Questions for Mexican Citizen

Questions: I am currently working as an engineer with a TN visa. My visa will expire this coming August, and I would like to renew it.

1) Do I have to go back to Mexico, or can I renew it from here?

Answer: You do not have to go back to Mexico to renew your TN. You can file for an extension through the USCIS Vermont Service Center on Form I-129. If you plan to do this, you should file the petition in May or June.

2) If I do it from the U.S., can I get a visa stamp in the USA or do I still need to get one in Mexico?

Answer: You cannot get a visa stamp from within the U.S. If the TN extension is approved by the Vermont Service Center, and you need a visa to travel, you will have to apply for the visa stamp at a U.S. consulate abroad.

3) If I travel to Mexico without a Visa Stamp, but with work approval, can I return to the USA with my old TN visa?

Answer: If you receive an approval of your TN extension by the Vermont Service Center, you could re-enter the U.S. to work with your old visa under two scenarios: (1) If your original TN visa stamp is still valid and has not expired; or (2) under the visa re-validation provisions. 

3) Can a Mexican Citizen get a TN visa at the port of entry?

Answer: You cannot obtain a visa stamp at a U.S. port-of-entry. If you have a TN visa stamp that is valid for more than one year (some are issued for 3 years), then you may be able to renew your TN status at the port-of-entry by presenting an updated employer letter.