Quick Proof of TN Extension Filing Needed to Close on Home

Question: I need to have proof of a TN visa being extended. My TN expires in May. I'm looking to close on buying a home at end of this month and the bank has requested proof of the extension. How can I do so quickly and can it be done online or through my employer or do I need to go somewhere?

Answer: Let me see if I have this right. You haven’t filed for your new TN yet because it expires in May, but you need proof that you filed for the extension in order to satisfy the bank to close on your home. Is this accurate?

It’s too early to apply for a new TN at the border. You can file for the extension through the Vermont Service Center. You’ll need your employer to sign-off on the forms / paperwork. Generally this takes around 2-3 months for the approval. You should receive a hard copy I-797 receipt notice within 1-2 weeks of filing. You may also be able to obtain an online printout from the USCIS web site showing the petition was received and is pending during this time frame. To expedite the receipt of the hard copy I-797 receipt notice you should consider enclosing a pre-paid courier envelop in your extension application. These timeframes are all speculative. It's a good chance you'll obtain the receipt notice within 1-2 weeks, but nothing is certain. If you want to ensure your receipt for proof of filing within 2-3 days you may want to consider premium processing.

You can file through USCIS and request premium processing for an additional $1000. You’ll get a decision on the extension petition within 15 calendar days. You should receive an e-mail receipt notice for proof of filing within 2-3 days. You generally receive the approval notice by e-mail withthin the 15 day period, followed by receipt of the hard copy I-797.