TN Visa Approval: Management Consultant – Strategic Communication & Media Relations.

Job Offer:

Management consulting firm provided clients with advice in the areas of strategic positioning, issues management, marketing, corporate communications, media and investor relations, coalition-building and government relations. Applicant would analyze and advise clients with respect to methods and techniques for the development and improvement of strategic communication plans and media relation strategies.

TN Visa Applicant’s Qualifications:

The Applicant possessed a Bachelor of Arts degree and over twenty-four years of experience in the communications and media relations industry. Although the Applicant possessed a bachelor’s degree, it was not related to the consulting engagement. The Applicant instead qualified for the Management Consultant TN purely on the basis of her experience.

Unlike the majority of TN Visa categories, the Management Consultant TN category does not require a bachelor’s degree. However, the category is significantly limited in other respects such as permissible job duties. For example, a Management Consultant may only serve in an advisory capacity. He or she may not be actively involved in the management of the business enterprise. Read more on Requirements: Management Consultant TN.


CBP approved the application without complication.