TN Visa Approval for Management Consultant – Online / Internet Media.

Short Term Business Problem:

  • Not-for-profit online media company in transitional phase from start-up to mature organization. Company needed to develop structure, clarify roles and responsibilities, create lines of accountability, develop policies, standards and practices, and increase the specialization of roles.

Need for Management Consultant:

  • Company sought temporary consulting services of the TN visa applicant to advise management with respect to methods and procedures for the development and establishment of strategic plans, organizational structures, policies, procedures, and controls.

TN Visa Applicant’s Qualifications:

  • TN Visa Applicant was a professional online media executive with over five (5) years of experience in online media strategic business planning, risk assessment, policy development, change management, resource allocation, and product development for the not-for-profit sector.


  • CBP thoroughly questioned the applicant on the nature of the consultant role in this position. Management Consultant TN visa applications generally face a more rigorous scrutiny due to perceived abuse of the category.
  • Ultimately, CBP was convinced of the legitimacy of the position and approved the application.