“Update” from Vermont Service Center on Adjudication of TN Petitions.

Despite concerns from AILA attorneys that some TN petitions filed through the Vermont Service Center have faced serious delays in processing since bi-specialization, e.g. cases still pending from May 2006, the VSC reports that it has re-evaluated and realigned its resources to handle the necessary workloads. Based on its most recent pending report, the VSC is working on TN petitions filed on November 5, 2006.

VSC also notes that TN workers may depart the U.S. during the pendency of a TN extension and apply for the extension at the port-of-entry upon returning to the U.S. Alternatively, a TN worker may depart the U.S. and re-enter without seeking an extension at the POE and merely let the I-129 extension petition continue its processing through the VSC.

From AILA Liaison/ VSC Agenda Item Q & As (1/24/07), AILA Doc. No. 07021465.