TN Visa / Green Card Notice: January ’08 Visa Bulletin Released

The following Canadian-born TN visa holders may continue to process the final stage of their employment-based green card application (i.e., file immigrant visa processing or adjustment of status):

  • Any Canadian born TN visa holders with approved I-140s in the First and Second employment-based preferences. These categories have remained current.
  • Canadian born TN visa holders with approved I-140s in the Third employment-based preference and with a priority date earlier than Oct. 15, 2002. These numbers have progressed one month since the December Visa Bulletin.
  • All other employment-based preferences are current for Canadian-born TN visa holders.

For Canadian citizens born in China, India, or the Philippines: please refer to the current Visa Bulletin for the status of immigrant visa numbers in your respective categories.

Note on Alternate Foreign State Chargeability: If a Canadian citizen TN visa holder born in China, India, or the Philippines faces a quota backlog due to the foreign state numerical limitations, he or she may be eligible for a visa number under the All Chargeability category if, e.g., his or her spouse was born in Canada. This may be useful for Canadian citizens born in China or India and facing a backlog in their respective Second Preference categories.

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