TN Visa Approval for Scientific Technician – Mechanical Engineer.

Job Offer:

Integrated steel producer sought applicant to work with engineers and technical staff on the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of galvanized steel coating equipment and systems. Applicant would work in support of and under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

TN Visa Applicant’s Qualifications:

The Applicant possessed over thirty years of professional and technical experience in the engineering, designing, and planning of mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes in the steelmaking industry. He also satisfactorily completed a five year engineering apprenticeship through a technical college in Europe .

Unlike the majority of TN Visa categories, the Scientific Technician or “Sci/Tech” category does not require a bachelor’s degree. See Requirements for Sci/Tech TN Visa. In this case, the Applicant was well qualified for the Sci/Tech TN based on his industry experience and apprenticeship.


CBP approved the application without complication.