TN for Engineer in Telecom Industry

TN Application for Engineer in Telecommunications Industry Approved Today at Buffalo, POE

The company in this TN application was an IT staffing firm providing individual technical consultants, project teams, and strategic outsourcing services. The company sought the temporary services of the applicant to design, engineer, implement, test, and maintain software for a cutting edge emergency and public safety telecommunication system for one of the company's telecommunication clients.

The applicant possessed a Master of Engineering degree in Telecommunications Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He also possessed twenty-two years (22) years experience in the engineering, design, development, troubleshooting, and maintenance of engineering solutions for the telecommunication industry.

Generally, this case would have been a rather straightforward application. However, the applicant came to us with a complex, and convoluted immigration history. The applicant in this case had overstayed his L-1 stay by six days, and he was denied for a renewal of his L-1 status. He then applied for TN status, but again was denied.

The client then retained our office to handle his case. We prepared a Memorandum outlining his immigration history and explaining that the applicant's sole immigration indiscretion was the brief overstay. We drafted a TN Support Letter clarifying the relationship between the U.S. Company and it's customers, and further elaborated on the applicant's job duties. After fully overhauling the client's application, and properly presenting the facts of the his case, the applicant was approved for his TN.