USCIS Proposes New Records System: BCS

USCIS has proposed the establishment of a new system of records that will consolidate all background check requests and results on immigration benefit applicants/petitioners. This new system of records is called the Background Check Service (BCS). USCIS conducts three different background checks on applicants/petitioners applying for USCIS benefits: (1) A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fingerprint Check, (2) a FBI Name Check, and (3) a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Treasury Enforcement Communication System/Interagency Border Inspection System (TECS/IBIS) Name Check. BCS would maintain the requests and results of all background check activity for USCIS.

For more  more information, see 71 F.R. 70413 (Dec. 4, 2006).

Misc.Brian D. Zuccaro, Esq.