Computer Systems Analyst TN Approved Despite Lack of Computer Science Degree.

In this case, our client had a job opportunity to do computer systems analyst work for a mortgage lender providing retail, wholesale and correspondent lending products and services. Our client possessed an MBA degree and a Bachelor of Business Management degree. We based his TN application for a Computer Systems Analyst based on the computer systems and business computing coursework that he completed through his MBA and Bachelor of Business Management degree programs.

We supported our argument with specific reference to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which provides guidance on the qualifications required for a Computer Systems Analyst. According to the OOH, companies increasingly look for professionals with a broad background and range of skills. For example, “[f]or jobs in a business environment, employers usually want systems analysts to have business management or closely related skills.”

In addition, the OOH states that “[e]mployers are increasingly seeking individuals with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), with a concentration in information systems, as more firms move their business to the Internet.” Individuals who can combine business skills with strong technical skills will qualify for work as a Computer Systems Analyst: “graduates with non-computer-science degrees, but who have had courses in computer programming, systems analysis, and other information technology subjects, also should continue to find jobs in computer fields.”