Applicants for TN Status May No Longer Sign I-907 Form, Request for Premium Processing Service.

USCIS Service Center Operations has informed AILA that Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, must now be signed either by the petitioner (the employer) or by the attorney for the petitioner. The petitioner’s attorney may only sign the I-907 when the petitioner has filed a Power of Attorney with the USCIS Service Center where the I-907 is being filed authorizing the attorney to sign the I-907. A copy of the power of attorney and a G-28 must be attached to the I-907 when submitted. USCIS has not provided any information on the reasons for this processing change. AILA is seeking clarification on why USCIS has implemented this policy, and I will post that information when available.

From, AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 06121262 (posted Dec. 12, 2006).