Computer Systems Analyst TN Approval Despite Non-Computer Science Degree.

The TN petitioner in this case was an information technology consulting firm that required an individual to provide computer and management information technology system analysis and solutions to its client in the health care industry.

The individual would be responsible for analyzing, defining, developing and testing client computer business and management information technology systems in order to improve overall processes and production. The TN applicant possessed a Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy and Management and also had over five (5) years experience in the health care industry providing business data analysis and processes solutions, including two-and-a-half (2.5) years experience in database system analysis, development and testing for the health care industry.

The TN petition first brought this case to the border without attorney representation and CBP denied the application. The inspecting officer concluded that the applicant’s degree in Health Care Policy and Management did not qualify her for a TN as a Computer Systems Analyst. The TN applicant then retained our firm to rehabilitate this case. After our review, we concluded that the applicant’s Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy and Management was well suited for a Computer Systems Analyst’s position.

The applicant’s education, which included course work in Introduction to Database Management Systems, Information Communication Technologies, Health Care Information Systems, Database Management Systems, Systems Synthesis, and Health Care Geographic Information Systems, provided her with the theoretical foundation necessary to comprehend and resolve the computer systems and information technology problems involved in this position.

After revising the applicant’s TN application and providing sufficient evidence to support our argument that the applicant’s degree was well suited for the position, CBP approved the applicant’s TN for a Computer Systems Analyst.