The Law Office of Brian D. Zuccaro, PLLC handles all types of TN visa applications: those filed at the border, at the U.S. consulate, or with USCIS. We carefully craft each case to address potential issues and clearly evidence to immigration officials an applicant's eligibility for TN visa status.



Following a consultation and after our office is retained, we will send the applicant a detailed needs list requesting the specifics of the applicant's job duties, place(s) of employment, particular projects, as well as his/her credentials including information on degrees, diplomas, and experience. 


Depending on the services selected, our office will then prepare the required documents for the TN visa application, which may include a TN Support Letter, and depending on the case may include draft reference letters, supervisor letters, I-129 petition forms and/or I-539 application forms, or DS-160 visa application forms.

Unlike some "kits" or other firms, we do not utilize or prepare generic template letters for applicants to present as part of their TN visa application. Not only are such generic form letters frequently the cause of TN application denials due to a lack of specific details, such letters can also lead to charges of immigration violations such as fraud if immigration officials believe that the letter does not accurately reflect a TN visa applicant's job duties or credentials. Such charges can result in the applicant being barred to the U.S. for 5 years or longer.

Our TN visa application paperwork is specifically crafted based on the unique job duties and credentials of each individual applicant. We request detailed and specific information from both applicants and employers in order to develop an application packet that not only accurately describes an applicant's case, but also clearly establishes his/her eligibility for TN visa status. Following review and approval of this paperwork by the employer or other appropriate party, we will then prepare application support materials.


Some TN visa applications may be sufficient with the basic paperwork (e.g. employer letter, applicant's credentials). However, under the law (INA s. 291), all applicants must prove that they qualify for admission to the U.S. under a particular visa classification. As such, many TN visa applications require secondary materials to establish eligibility for TN visa status. Not having such support documentation may result in a denial.

With our full TN visa application service, we provide a detailed, yet concise, cover letter to the immigration authorities (CBP, USCIS, or the Embassy/Consulate), which provides a summary of the case, applicable law, and illustrates how the applicant meets the requirements for TN visa status. Our office also anticipates potential issues in complex cases (e.g. prior denials, atypical job duties or credentials, or individuals with pending green card applications), and assembles the necessary supporting documentation to address these issues and establish eligibility for TN visa status. Some of the types of supporting materials we provide include:

  • Applicable laws, court decisions, regulations, government memos, or manuals.
  • Evidentiary materials such as applicant statements, affidavits, or expert opinion letters.
  • Secondary source materials discussing educational requirements or the parameters of particular occupations.
  • Legal briefs explaining how an individual qualifies for TN visa status based on the above.


Once the TN visa application paperwork has been completed, in instances where the applicant must be interviewed by an immigration officer as part of the application process (i.e. border / consulate applications), our full TN visa services offering will include a briefing with the applicant to prepare for his/her TN visa interview. This briefing includes guidance on the following:

  • Logistics of application filing process.
  • Overview of interview procedure.
  • Questions to expect, and potential issues.
  • Advice on how to effectively articulate eligibility for TN visa status.